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SCAMP 1.3.1 - six channel analog model "philter"

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Download : SCAMP 1.3.1 3.53 MB Win VST (32 and 64 bit)
Download : SCAMP 1.3.1 7.41 MB OSX VST AU (32 and 64 bit)
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System Requirements:
Windows XP or above, VST 2.4 compatible host program
OSX: 10.6.5 or higher.

SCAMP is a resonant low/highpass filter plugin VST and Audio Unit effect for Windows and Mac OSX with a very convincing, classic sound. SCAMP features a separate envelope follower for each of 6 channels, a hostsyncable LFO with multiple waveforms, as well as our special feature for creating staircased LFO waveforms from the basic waveshapes. Also supported is full automation support and MIDI CC control of the filter cutoff frequency. SCAMP will run for an unlimited time in a free Demo Mode (the only demo restriction is it will make occasional, short gaps in the output audio) and is available for download exclusively from

SCAMP closely models the actual circuit paths of real world analog circuits and may be somewhat more CPU intensive than other filter effects you're familiar with. Many other filter designs, while more computationally efficient, don't actually model the realworld operation of the circuit. Rather, they reproduce a "characterization" of the filter's response. While this method actually performs quite well "on paper", and can produce very transparent and precisely controlled digital filters, these qualities just aren't well suited to recreating that classic analog warmth that so many musicians seek. It was essentially the flaws and design sacrifices of the original analog circuits which gave them their unique sound. For SCAMP, we've done our best to make your computer believe that it is an analog circuit, as flawed, imperfect and full of warmth as the classic gear that inspired its development. While far from the most "transparent" filter effect on the market, SCAMP exceeds at achieving the "airy", "hairy", and even "scary" sounds of classic analog filters!

Rather than reproducing a theoretical characterization of a real filter's performance with techniques that really have nothing to do with how the actual device works, SCAMP instead uses a brute force, simulationbased approach that essentially duplicates the signal flow of the real analog item, but without any mathematical oversimplification or characterization. What happens to the sound processed by SCAMP happens only because the raw physics of the real circuit are being simulated. This simulation runs internally at a highly oversampled rate to duplicate the behavior of the real circuit across the entire range of human hearing and even beyond!(SCAMP exhibits similar artifacts to those that real analog filters create when strong resonant peaks are created at the highest, ultrasonic cutoff frequencies. Generally you will want to avoid these artifacts, but they can also be used to create interesting distortion effects if you wish!)

The simulation technique used in SCAMP has proven to produce a very authentic sound, virtually duplicating the same imperfections and distortion qualities that gave the famous classic analog filters their characteristic "warmth". With a real resonance feedback loop that actually "rings", a powerful set of controls for modulating the filter and a strong emphasis on realtime performance and MIDI compatibility, SCAMP is a recreation of a classic filter effect that never was.

SCAMP is perfectly suited for recreating the sounds made by running audio through a classic synthesizer's filters. While external audio processing is also offered by some far more expensive softsynth products, it is now available as a very affordable standalone effect, specialized to the task, and with a quality and authenticity unmatched even by the bigboys. Whether used on a single instrument track, or for processing an entire mix, SCAMP will dramatically alter your audio with a classic flavor. If you have an appreciation for the sound, behavior and quirks of vintage analog filters that you just haven't been able to duplicate in software, SCAMP may be the effect plugin you've been waiting for. Try it and see! Our free demo mode is not time limited, and even allows you to save and recall your work so you can start using it seriously, and decide later whether to buy.

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